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The foundation of the world record of MIRACLES is established in 2012. It is an international organization guided by lofty ideal of encouraging human Endeavour and achievements in various fields of activity like arts education & science in which previous world records are broken by the innovative work of the aspirants an international jury is constituted to study, scrutinize and adjudicated the applications of various aspirants for the awards with merit and no other consideration as the guiding principle.The awards are given to persons which outstanding achievements to their credit as per the following guidelines.

  1. Adventurous activity that is harmful to the individual or the society shall not be encouraged. In case of any activity involving physical feats etc... By the young, the parents should take the responsibility for any accidents etc... In course of the performance.
  2. The activities of individuals or organizations shall generally benefit to the society by their extraordinary merit, specialization and social orientation and only such activities will be considered for the awards.
  3. Different categories like arts, literature, music, dance, painting & sculpture….Activities devoted to the up liftment of the society innovation in science and other technical fields etc… will be generally taken in to consideration for the eligibility of the awards.
  4. Students and young professionals who specialized in any one of the fields mention about or also eligible to apply for the awards.
  5. The applications submitted as per the pro-forma was enclosed will be thoroughly scrutinized by the panel of judges and their decision is final.
  6. No activity or educated process of the foundation shall be adjudication subject to scrutiny or action legal or otherwise by any extraneous individual or society.


The person/child/society who apply for this world record should send their brief profile, press clippings, list of achievements and photographs of their earlier programs. This can be sent throw post or e-mail.
The awards committee will verify the applications and announce the names of world record holders.


KORADA BHARATH CHANDRA S/o Sri Ramana , Hemalatha ( Born on 9th Sept, 2008) from Gajularega, Vizianagaram Dist, Andhra Pradesh, India was expert in multiple talents in the tender age of five. He was reciting all names of plants, continents, oceans, world wonders, geography, History, About religions, Holy Books names, State and country capitals, prime Ministers names, all presidents names, Telugu poets names, about languages, railway information’s , science instruments names, inventors names, all rivers names , Authors of various books, National, International... more...

A001229 The longest karaoke marathon

The longest karaoke marathon by an individual lasted 101 hr, 59 min and 15 sec and was achieved by Leonardo Polverelli, at the Astra Caffe, Pesaro, Italy, from 19 to 23 September 2011. Throughout the marathon attempt Polverelli sang a total of 1,295 songs, the event raised funds in support of Telethon. more...


DURGA CHARAN MISHRA & JOTSHNA MISHRA, puri , Orissa , India completed the longest journey by car in a single country is 18, 458 km (11,469 miles) from 23rd February 2014 to 1st April 2014. more...


BERND HOEHLE, 39 years, sports- instructor, stadthagen , GERMANY smashed 12 free standing red house bricks breaking in just 8 seconds with knife hand. more...

B001105 Longest Nose on a Living Person

Mehmet Ozyurek from Turkey holds the record for Longest Nose on a Living Person - 8.8 cm (3.46 in) long from the bridge to the tip. Mehmet's magnificent nose was measured in 2010 on the set of Lo Show dei Record TV show in Rome, Italy. more...

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